Upcoming Career Workshop & Free Essential Toolkit

Whether you’re finding it difficult to secure a role, or have reached a point where you know it’s time to step up or step out, the following tends to happen:

What has made you successful to date no longer seems to be working;

Opportunities no longer just happen anymore and you are starting to lack confidence and clarity;

What separates the people who move through this period confidently and successfully is a simple choice to get support and combine reflection with action. This can be hard when self-doubt starts to creep in – what if I don’t have what it takes / what if I don’t really know what I want to do? If this sounds like you then don’t stay stuck in a cycle of self-doubt or indecision any longer.

Sundial Innovation only have 4 spots left for the transformative Innovate Your Career workshop held on Saturday 1 August . Click here to learn more about this one day action focused workshop which will empower you to develop clarity and confidence to step into your potential to create a fulfilling career.

Sundial Innovation are an incredible career and leadership coaching business offering their services both face to face and online. You can now download their free Essential Toolkit designed to help you develop the confidence to sell yourself and step up in your current role, land your next role or plan a career change. If you are struggling to nail your value, this will certainly help you.