Celebrating Women in Recruitment for International Women’s Day

At the very forefront of championing women in the workforce are the women in recruitment.

These women are actively helping reshape how organisations think about and approach diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They’re not afraid to challenge the status quo, pushing for policies that level the playing field and supported by an army of women who carry the baton through the entire employee lifecycle.

In my opion, they’re not just recruiters; they’re advocates for a workplace that doesn’t see gender, race, or background as barriers but as sources of strength.

So, in celebration of International Women’s Day this week, I wanted to shine a spotlight on these unsung warriors as it’s an industry that doesn’t receive a lot of gratitude or recognition, let alone celebrated. I sat down with three of our own recruiters here at Working Parents Connect and Katherine Hutson, QLD State Manager at Skout Solutions, to get an insight into their professional journeys. Many of them are parents juggling caring responsibilities, and all of them are rockstars at what they do.

“The success of a business is hugely dependant on the success of their talent team. We are the ones shaping the culture of an organisation from a candidate’s first point of contact with the business, and we do a great job of it!” Katherine


You don’t choose recruitment, recruitment chooses you

A common thread among recruiters is they don’t set out to start a career in recruitment.

“Recruitment was never supposed to be my end game! After deciding on a career change (from Urban Planning), I took on what I thought would be an interim role until I figured out what I really wanted to do with my life and found my passion in connecting people with great roles.” Katherine

“I fell into the industry when I was offered a role by a niche recruitment agency when I went in to register as a candidate!” Sharlene

But it’s a passion for people that keeps them there. Despite challenges of stereotypes and bias in a historically male-dominated industry, this first-hand experience of adversity coupled with uniquely feminine qualities of intuition, empathy and emotional intelligence provide woman recruiters with an inate ability to create connection and foster a sense of belonging within the workplace.

“We’re shaping the future of the organisation one hire at a time.” Sharlene

“I think we see more and more women in recruitment, in areas that traditionally considered more ‘manly’ ( tech, trades etc. ), and of course , this influences the type of candidates’ companies attract and employ.” Karen

“Women are great listeners and perceptive to the body language of others. Our emotional intelligence allows us to read people well. In an interview setting it’s given me the ability to know where to dig deeper to get the answer, or how to facilitate a conversation, to give the candidate the opportunity to shine.” Katherine


Shifting the narrative from ‘diversity hire’ to invaluable asset

One of the silent superpowers I admire most about woman recruiters is how they are altering the narrative around diversity hiring. Instead of being seen as a checkbox or a token gesture, women are championing the acknowledgment of transferable skills, lived experience, and perspectives they bring to the table and contribute to an organisation’s success.

“(As an industry) I think we are becoming more aware of unconscious bias, and more comfortable with calling it out. We are building greater acknowledgement around the benefits that women can bring to a business, and we seem to be moving away from the perception of ‘diversity hires’ and rather we are recognising the people for their experience. We have more access then ever to tools like gender decoders for the advertising copy and various other tools that help to improve the quality of our hiring decisions.” Katherine


It’s a promising future for women, my daughters included, with women in positions that have influence and make a difference to the trajectory of someone’s career (deep, I know). But the progressive evolution of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a collective effort, and it’s crucial to acknowledge that the journey towards full gender equality is ongoing. Organisations and individuals alike must commit to fostering environments where diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but integral components of the recruitment ethos.

Beyond celebrating the achievements of women in recruitment this International Women’s Day, let’s also commit to standing alongside them, fostering workplaces where diversity and inclusion are not only embraced but celebrated as the cornerstone of organisational excellence.


Do you know a woman in recruitment? Perhaps they helped you with a recent or past role as a candidate, or maybe they’re team members. Give them a shout out this week in celebration of International Women’s Day and let them know they are seen and appreciated for their commitment to paving the way towards a more inclusive, equitable, and innovative future for all.