How to best approach your job-search during the pandemic

We’re hearing from many parents within our talent community who are finding it really difficult to secure work. They are frustrated and they are despondent. Many parents have shared how a redundancy or unemployment due to COVID-19, along with a lack of suitable opportunities in the market has negatively impacted on their self-confidence and well-being. For that reason we have put together some key advice to best support your job-search strategy during these unprecedented and worrying times.


  1. Don’t solely rely on job boards to search for opportunities. If there is an employer you want to work for consider approaching them directly. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to keep across roles of interest. Don’t forget to communicate regularly with your own network of family and friends too to let them know you are available for work.
  2. Keep up to date on labour market trends; what companies are hiring? what jobs or skills are currently in shortage? Where are the part-time jobs? What government initiatives are in play to boost the economy and jobs? Where will employment opportunities sit post COVID-19?
  3. If you are applying for an advertised role do not delay your application. With high unemployment comes high competition for roles so make sure you prioritise your job-search and submissions to avoid disappointment.
  4. Consider your transferable skills and where these could be best applied within an industry or role.  Think about the sectors currently recruiting during the pandemic for example healthcare, technology, customer service, transport and logistics, building and construction and some areas of retail to name a few.
  5. By now you’ve probably had a fair bit of time to reflect on your career and gain clarity on the types of roles you are seeking. These are really unique times so think broadly, be flexible and keep an open mind.
  6. If you have made the decision to follow a new career path altogether, be sure to connect with relevant recruiters or talent acquisition professionals relevant to your career choice. Make a list of potential employers and follow their careers pages or company updates online. If they have a current freeze on recruitment make sure you remain updated on any hiring changes.
  7. If you need to re-train, up-skill or polish up your knowledge now is the perfect time to be developing yourself professionally. There are an abundance of online education options on offer and we really are spoilt for choice. The Federal government has recently announced free courses for jobseekers via their new JobTrainer plan and TAFE continue to offer free training on some of their courses too. Right now there are so many providers supporting job-seekers with free webinars so make use of these and the resources on offer.
  8. There are many benefits to volunteering including skill development, networking and gaining a sense of purpose through contributing. At a time where many are faced with financial difficulties volunteering may not be an option, however there are many organisations and communities that could really use you right now. Giving back and being productive with your time can do wonders for your mental well-being. Many too have gone on to secure paid employment through volunteering or through someone they have met along the way.
  9. Use this time to update your resume and LinkedIn profile – could these be improved or would it be beneficial to have a professional, colleague or friend review these and provide feedback?
  10. With a move to video interviewing, taking the opportunity to carry out a mock interview with a friend via ZOOM or a similar platform will support your job-search preparation. Use this time to set up an adequate space within your home and to test out your technology ahead of time.
  11. Despite the challenges try to stay motivated and committed to your job-search. Try too to remain optimistic and positive as these tough times will pass.
  12. Finally, go easy on yourself – we are in an economic recession and haven’t experienced living through a pandemic like this before. If looking for work is getting you down simply take a break and do something that makes you happy. Come back to it when you’re feeling up to it and be kind to yourself – a lot of what is happening is completely out of our control.