What are the top 10 occupations in demand right now?

Recent research conducted has identified the top ten in demand occupations nationally. These are listed below:


  1. Clerks, Receptionists & Call Centre Workers
  2. ICT Professionals
  3. Carers & Aides
  4. Medical Practitioners & Nurses
  5. Sales Assistants & Salespeople
  6. Business, Finance and HR Professionals
  7. Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers
  8. Legal, Social & Welfare Professionals
  9. Corporate Managers
  10. Health, Diagnostic & Therapy

(*according to data released at the end of June 2020 by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment).

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment provides updated information on labour market trends across the country and information on how COVID-19 is impacting employment. There are some really valuable resources for both employers and jobseekers on the website including the Jobs Hub.

The Jobs Hub allows jobseekers to search for vacancies within the government and gain information on employers who are hiring right now. They also have a great tool where you can search for the in demand jobs located within your local suburb or area.

As part of their offering to Australians looking for work they have a Career Quiz to assist you in identifying what jobs might be best for you too. You can start the quiz here.