How to become a virtual assistant

Looking for more opportunities to work around the kids outside of a typical 9-5 job? Starting a virtual assistant business may just be the perfect career move for you

Hey there, I’m Ashlee, a VA coach helping clients build and grow profitable virtual assistant businesses (without overwhelm or complicated strategies) so that they can work flexibly around their family commitments. Today I am going to share with you more about the virtual assistant industry and the opportunities available outside of a traditional workplace.

So, what actually is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant (or most commonly known as a VA) is an independent contractor providing remote assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs. With a push for small businesses to move online (particularly during COVID lockdowns) and an increase in remote working, more and more businesses are hiring virtual assistants to assist them with either one off projects or ongoing contracts.

What type of work can a virtual assistant do?

Right now the most in-demand services and commonly requested tasks include:

  • Inbox Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Scheduling / Management
  • Transcription/ Reception
  • Graphic / Canva Design
  • Tech Set Up / Support
  • Web Maintenance
  • Data Entry / Admin Organisation

How do virtual assistants charge for their work?

This all depends on the role at hand but generally virtual assistants charge either on an hourly rate, a package rate, a retainer or a bundle of pre-purchased hours / time blocks. This can all be communicated with the client in the initial “onboarding” or “discovery” stage as part of the VA process.

Do I need any particular qualifications or skills to be successful?

Although some sort of administrative, customer service or design skills is preferred, there are no specific qualifications needed to become a virtual assistant. If you are customer focussed, have excellent communication and problem solving skills, can learn new systems with ease AND are willing to take ACTION.. This is possible for you too!

To learn the “business” set up, legalities and general foundational start-up elements, I generally recommend to invest in a short course or program. This not only will build your confidence when you launch but will also teach you tried & tested strategies to market and sell your services online. You can also upskill at any time so that you are continually learning and able to support clients in all different industries and levels.

How do I find clients?

You can leverage your personal & professional networks, use organic social media strategies, utilise FB community & business groups OR be part of specific VA and freelancer memberships where job leads are sent direct to your inbox. Another great way is networking with other virtual assistants and sub-contracting OR listing yourself available with VA agencies. In fact, there are SO many ways you can find clients.. It really comes down to your business goals, preferences and the type of businesses you want to support.

Is it possible to be a virtual assistant and build the business as a side gig?

Absolutely! Many of my clients are parents with young children OR begin their business as a side hustle whilst working in their 9-5.

This sounds great but I feel like I need a little more info. How do I get started or find out more?

You’re in luck. I am running a FREE 4 day bootcamp next week where I’ll be teaching you the foundations and strategy to build a virtual assistant business from scratch (with replays available for those that cannot join us live)

There will also be a BONUS Q&A session on day 4 of the series so that no question is left unanswered and you can determine if this is the right career move for you!

It’s all happening in a closed FB group on Tuesday 4th October @ 8.30pm AEST. You can secure your seat for the FREE bootcamp here

To find out more about Ashlee and her services, you can view her page on our support services directory here