How to tackle the job search process and land your next role

With over 5% of the population officially unemployed and many parents returning to work or looking for a new position, securing your next role can be a competitive process. The competition is heightened too when looking for a part-time position or a flexible role providing better work life integration.

Whilst applying directly to jobs advertised online via job boards is integral to any job search process, it is important to utilise a range of strategies to land your next role. Here are some of our recommendations:


LinkedIn is an online social network platform for professionals. You can create a free profile showcasing your professional brand, career experience and skill-set, and then be found and contacted by individuals or employers who are hiring. Similarly you can build up your professional network by connecting with new people or reconnecting with old colleagues. You can also find and apply for jobs via LinkedIn, write blogs to build up credibility in your field, network within specific groups and keep across industry or company news.

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Use your own network

Many secure work through their own professional and social contacts and this is generally a less competitive process as sometimes these jobs may not be advertised, or if fortunate, a role may be created for you. Speak to friends and family members, touch base with former workplaces and colleagues and let them all know you are available for work. Facebook can also compliment your job search as provides a very quick way to connect with hundreds of individuals, companies and also groups promoting available opportunities and employers looking to hire staff.

Approach Companies Directly

If there is a company or employer that you would love to work for, provide them with your cover letter and resume, either in person or online via the relevant contact within the business. Depending on the organisation this could be with the Business Owner, Manager, HR, recruitment team or via their online careers page for example. You don’t have to wait until a suitable position becomes advertised as this demonstrates to the company that you are genuinely interest in their business and that you are proactive and motivated.

Volunteer Work or Internship

Participating in volunteer work or an internship are not only opportunities to develop your experience and skills but an excellent way to forge professional relationships – offering a genuine “foot in the door”. You could also consider applying for a returnship – whilst still relatively new in Australia and mainly offered by corporates, a returnship provides a bridge back to a senior career following a period of extended leave.