Broadspectrum strives for gender equality

Advancing women in the workforce still offers one of the biggest opportunities to provide real impact and change. Working Mothers Connect is pleased to partner with organisations that share these values.

Diversity is an essential part of Broadspectrum’s culture.

Broadspectrum has made strides on the road to gender equality. In the past year they have:

  • sponsored and participated in the Chief Executive Women Leaders program for the fourth year, and currently have six participants going through this year’s program,
  • committed to offering two scholarships at the University of Technology Sydney for women studying in fields that complement the Broadspectrum business,
  • successfully attracted a 50/50 gender mix in their #SpectrumGrad program,
  • encouraged employees to communicate with their managers about flexible working arrangements.

At Broadspectrum’s National Contact Centre (NCC), women count for more than 70 per cent of the workforce. Petula Freese-Chadwick manages Broadspectrum’s busy NCC and she believes in “the transformative power of a strong mentoring program, where women in management positions are teamed up with a mentor in an executive position who can guide and extend them.” She says, “It’s important to stay true to what you believe in. Empower other women – they will be your greatest allies.”

It’s an exciting time to be part of an innovative, flexible and progressive organisation. You can view Broadspectrum’s current opportunities listed on our platform here.