13 ways to make the most of your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is an extension of your resume and the place where you can really ‘sell’ your personal brand, so it’s important to keep it up to date and relevant. Employers and recruiters regularly use LinkedIn to search for people with specific skills to approach for roles that sometimes may not be advertised. Employers may also take a look at your profile when they are making their decision on whether to hire you, so it really is your chance to make an impression. 

We’ve listed 13 ways you can make the most of LinkedIn:

1. Pick a professional headshot

Don’t use a holiday photo, a photo from a night out, or a group shot with bad cropping! Try to use a photo that has been taken professionally. If you don’t already have something then get a friend to take a headshot photo of you in front of a white or clean background, wearing what you would be expected to wear in your role, this could be formal or semi-formal but never too casual. 

2. Add a background image 

The background image at the back of your profile picture is the perfect place to showcase your skills. For example, if you have won any awards then this is a good place to highlight them, or if you are creative then use your talent to create something unique. 

3. Use your headline for more than just your current job title 

Instead of just putting in your job title you can use your headline to describe a bit more about what you do. 

4. Bring to life your career in your summary 

Here’s your chance to tell the story of your career, so try to resist just listing your skills in the summary section. This summary will give people a comprehensive picture of you and your career objectives. 

5. List all of your relevant skills 

Scroll through the list of skills and pick those that are relevant to your experience, this will provide a platform for endorsements. Make sure you keep this list up to date as you add to your list of skills. 

6. Share your wins 

Add any industry awards that you have won or been nominated for along with any achievements that you are proud of.

7. Endorse others 

If you endorse others who you think genuinely deserve the endorsement then that might trigger them to return the favour. You can also politely ask for endorsements from people that you value in order to increase your credibility. 

8. Request recommendations 

Recommendations are a testimonial of your work and will add credibility to your profile so don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from people you know or have worked with.

9. Share relevant articles about your industry 

If you write relevant articles about your industry then make sure you share them, if you’re not a writer yourself then share other articles that you find interesting. Add your own commentary to show your point of view on the subject. 

10. Have an opinion 

Comment, always respectfully of course, on links that others share to show that you have an opinion on matters relating to your work. 

11. Follow relevant influencers 

Watch what others in your industry are doing and follow thought-leaders in your area of expertise. Share and comment on their work too.

12. Add to your network 

Don’t forget that your LinkedIn profile is a work in progress so keep expanding your network. When you attend an event for example, make sure you connect with people you have met on LinkedIn afterwards. It’s all about networking and building up your professional contacts.

13. Let employers know you’re actively looking

There is a setting that allows you to alert potential employers that you are job searching. In order to turn on this feature, follow these steps:
a) Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
b) Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.
c) Click the Privacy tab at the top of the page.
d) Under the Job seeking preferences section, click Change next to Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities.
e) Switch the toggle to Yes to share that you’re open and appear in recruiter searches matching your career interests. Switch the toggle to No to stop sharing your career interests with recruiters.
f) Your changes will be saved automatically.

If you would like further support or help to create or enhance your LinkedIn profile visit our Support Services directory for skilled professionals who can assist you today.