“Let’s Talk About Flex” – an invaluable Masterclass for all employees

Legal firm Resolution123 has released their first Masterclass to democratise law and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Getting legal advice can be expensive, we get it. That’s why in a continued effort to make justice accessible, Resolution123 has announced its intention to release Masterclasses on all aspects of employment law. The first of which is “Let’s Talk About Flex”, a conversation between Carly Stebbing and Emma Heuston, two awarded Flexible Work Day ambassadors.

In this Masterclass employees will learn:

●  What is flexible work?

●  Who has the right to request it?

●  How do you build your business case?

●  How do you make a request under the Fair Work Act?

●  How to resolve disputes about flexible work requests?

“We want our clients to feel empowered to take action and enforce their rights to flexible work” said Carly Stebbing, Founder and Principal of Resolution123.

The Masterclass is available for just $18.95 ​here​ and will shortly be followed by a “DIY Unfair Dismissal Masterclass”, designed to help employees navigate the unfair dismissal process self-represented.

Resolution123 advertise on our Support Services directory and share our passion for supporting Australian parents at work. If you are seeking quick, simple and affordable employment law advice we recommend you reach out to their team for assistance.