Labour market research highlights the top ten occupations experiencing growth

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) have this week released their April 2020 data outlining job vacancy statistics and the top ten occupations showing promise.

The key findings for the month of April were:

  • The downturn in recruitment activity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated in April.
  • New job advertisements fell by an unprecedented 16.4% (18,400), surpassing the previous record declines of 8.2% (17,600) observed during the Global Financial Crisis.

The research highlighted the following ten professions as currently showing the most employment opportunities:

  1. Information and Communications Technology
  2. Medical Practitioners & Nurses
  3. General Enquiry workers, Call Centre & Receptionists
  4. Carers & Aides
  5. Automotive & Engineering Trades workers
  6. Business, Finance & HR professionals
  7. Corporate Managers
  8. Health, Diagnostic & Therapy professionals
  9. Legal, Social & Welfare professionals
  10. Other Labourers

* It is important to note that this information has been derived from jobs advertised online. 

More detailed insight and information can be found here – April_2020_Factsheet