Flexible and distance education encourages parents back to study

The coronavirus has impacted our community of working parents in many ways. Some parents have lost their jobs and due to this and the restrictions, they’ve spent more time at home. With more time at home and to think, parents have reflected on their careers. Many parents have told us that the time is right for them to take their career in a completely new direction. Some have shared they are ready to leap into learning; from up-skilling, to re-training, to enrolling at University. It has been really refreshing and inspiring to hear from our community in this way.

With remote learning and the coronavirus driving online education, opportunities to study flexibly around our children are now endless.

Ducere Global Business School

Working Parents Connect partner with Ducere as we love that they empower working parents (as do we). They do this through a range of accredited and flexible online business degrees. As a social enterprise, they also have a philanthropic arm called the Ducere Foundation which works hard to enhance the quality of education in Africa. So they support parents to engage in flexible education programs here whilst also making a social impact overseas. This is what Ducere said recently on our partnership,

“We see this as a fantastic alignment between innovative organisations and similar customer demographics. Our shared passion is centred around parents accessing employment and educational opportunities at times that accommodate family priorities”

What we really like about Ducere’s offering is that learning is part-time and done in the parent’s own time. Parents can study around their family commitments. All programs are FEE-HELP eligible which you can learn about here and they also offer some scholarships too. This is quality education that is accessible and also affordable.

Their courses include a Bachelor of Applied Business, Graduate Certificate – Data and Cyber Management and a Master of Business Administration to name a few.

What to consider before committing to study

Returning to study is certainly a big deal for parents. If you’re contemplating a degree level qualification, the commitment will be significant and across many years. If you are considering a return to the books, we suggest reading the following article: 7 key considerations before selecting a bachelor degree to assist with your decision making.

If you are interested in Ducere Global Business School and their model of learning, you can explore their courses options here

In summary and in response to your recent enquiries, Working Parents Connect are currently speaking to a range of credible and values based training providers. We look forward to sharing information relating to new education partnerships over the coming weeks. For those returning to study, well done and wishing you all the best.