Is the work from home honeymoon over? We don’t think so.

Is the work from home honeymoon over? We don’t think so!

Last week we conducted a poll on our Facebook page ‘When our lives return to “normal”, will you be asking your employer to work from home more frequently?’. Over 236 parents responded with 71% saying “Yes, I love working from home” and 29% saying “No, I want to return to work”.

Our entire team have always worked from home so nothing really changed for us during the COVID-19 pandemic (other than home schooling – but that’s another story). However, for many employees (and candidates of ours) that have had working from home requests rejected by management in the past, they’ve now proven how efficient and effective they can be working from home around their family commitments.

Post COVID-19, employers will really need to consider the flexible arrangements they offer employees to both attract and retain top talent in the market – especially when working parents have shown that not only can they deliver at work, but they’re doing so whilst juggling home schooling as well (and imagine the outcomes they will deliver when home schooling finishes!).

We’re so excited for what this will mean for both working parents and anyone looking for flexibility with their employer based on their personal circumstances.