How to stand out as an employer of choice in 2023

Hiring in 2023? Whether you’re still rebuilding a team post-pandemic or growing it, employers continue to be faced with the challenge of attracting top talent in a competitive and rapidly changing environment. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to be aware of the latest hiring trends and understand how to use them to your advantage.

Here are the hiring trends we believe will continue to have an impact on the job market this year, and suggestions for how you can leverage these to stand out as an employer of choice.

  1. Flexibility: Remote work has become a defining characteristic of the modern workplace, and this trend is only set to continue in 2023. If you haven’t already, embracing flexible and hybrid work options will enable employees to balance their work and personal lives more effectively, and significantly widen your talent pool by attracting top talent who might not be able to commute to a physical office or who are looking for more flexible work arrangements around personal circumstances.
  2. Diversity: Companies are placing an increasing emphasis on diversifying their workforce in terms of gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic background. This is not only a social responsibility, but it also leads to a more inclusive and innovative workplace. To attract top talent, employers should ensure that their hiring process is fair and unbiased and that their workplace is welcoming and inclusive for all employees. This includes offering equal pay and opportunities for growth, as well as fostering a culture of diversity, inclusivity and belonging.
  3. Skills-based hiring: The traditional approach to hiring, which focused on degrees and educational backgrounds, is being replaced by a skills-based approach. By throwing a wider net to include a variety of skills and abilities that align with company values and goals, rather than simply relying on a candidate’s degree, you’ll naturally shift towards a more diverse range of candidates and provide an opportunity for candidates who may not have a traditional educational background to shine. To attract top talent, employers should focus on the skills and abilities that are important for the job, and be open to candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  4. Emphasis on mental health and well-being: Mental health and well-being are becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Companies who recognise the importance of supporting their employees’ mental health and offer support for mental health and other wellness initiatives will continue to stand out as employers of choice. Offering programs and resources such as flexible schedules, providing access to mental health resources, and promoting a healthy work-life balance will foster a strong culture of caring and ensure you get the best out of your people.
  5. Focus on sustainability: Sustainability is becoming a top priority for companies, as they seek to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. Employers who demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by implementing environmentally friendly practices and policies such as reducing their carbon footprint, using renewable energy sources, and promoting sustainable practices among employees will also attract candidates who share these same values.
  6. Up-skilling and reskilling: With the rapid pace of technological change, employers who invest in learning and development for their employees will not only attract talent with a growth mindset but also retain top talent within the business. Offering opportunities for employee development and career growth with training and development programs, opportunities to work on exciting projects, and promoting a culture of continuous learning will become a large part of your employee value proposition and draw card for top talent.
  7. AI and automation: The use of AI and automation is increasing rapidly, and companies are looking for candidates with skills in these areas to support their digital transformation efforts. To attract top talent, employers should consider investing in AI and automation technology that support organisational goals.


Consider how these hiring trends are currently reflected in your strategy or if there’s a need for improvement. Are your employees involved? What resources are you providing potential candidates when they come to your website, to find out more about working with your company? Ensuring your organisation is continuously promoting the employer brand as part of your hiring strategy will ensure a competitive advantage in any market.

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