How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Job Ads

In the competitive world of recruitment, finding the right candidates for job openings is essential. The platform of choice for many recruiters and hiring managers to find talent is LinkedIn, a professional network with over 800 million users.

But more applications doesn’t always mean faster hiring times or more qualified applicants.

So if you are using LinkedIn to post job openings, to ensure a higher quality of candidates and save you from sifting through unqualified applicants, it’s crucial to craft attractive job postings, utilise LinkedIn’s features effectively, leverage your employee networks, and engage actively with potential hires.

Here’s our tips for getting started.


Crafting an Attractive Job Posting

A well-written job posting is the foundation of a successful recruitment process. To attract top talent:

Use a Compelling Job Title: Start with an attention-grabbing title that accurately represents the role and its significance.

Provide a Clear and Concise Job Description: Clearly outline the job responsibilities, required qualifications, and the company’s expectations.

Highlight Company Culture and Values: Showcase what makes your organisation unique and a great place to work.

Specify Qualifications and Skills: Be precise about the qualifications, skills, and experience required for the role.

Mention Opportunities for Growth and Development: Show candidates that your company is invested in their long-term success.

Don’t Forget Flexibility: Specify if the role is hybrid or work from home and any policies you have around parental and carers leave, health and well-being.


Leveraging Employee Networks

Your current employees can be valuable assets in your recruitment efforts:

Encourage Employee Sharing: Motivate your employees to share job postings on their profiles, increasing the reach of your job listings.

Use Employee Notifications: Utilise LinkedIn’s ‘Employee Notifications’ feature to ensure your employees are aware of job openings and can easily share them with their networks.

Offer Referral Incentives: Consider implementing a referral program to reward employees who refer successful candidates.


Engaging with Candidates

Active engagement is key to attracting and retaining high-quality candidates:

Respond Promptly: Respond to messages and inquiries promptly to show your commitment to a smooth recruitment process.

Use LinkedIn’s Messaging Tools: LinkedIn offers built-in messaging tools for efficient communication with candidates.

Conduct Initial Video Interviews: Save time and resources by conducting initial video interviews via LinkedIn.

Provide Constructive Feedback: Give feedback to candidates, whether they are a good fit for the role or not, to maintain a positive reputation in the job market.


Screening and Assessment

Effectively screening and assessing candidates is essential:

Use LinkedIn’s ‘Skills & Endorsements’ and Recommendations: Check candidates’ endorsements and recommendations to gain insights into their skills and work history.

Review Candidates’ Profiles Thoroughly: Study candidates’ LinkedIn profiles carefully, looking for alignment with your job requirements.

Ask for Work Samples or Case Studies: When relevant, request work samples or case studies to assess a candidate’s abilities.

Use LinkedIn’s Assessment Tools: Take advantage of LinkedIn’s skill assessments to verify candidates’ skills.


Building a Strong Company Brand on LinkedIn (ongoing)

A strong company brand can naturally attract high-quality candidates:

Post Regular Updates: Share your company’s achievements, projects, and workplace culture on your LinkedIn page to maintain a strong online presence.

Share Industry Insights: Position your company as an industry thought leader by sharing insights and knowledge.

Encourage Employee Activity: Motivate your employees to be active on LinkedIn and promote the company through their personal profiles.


In a competitive job market, finding the right talent requires both long and short-term strategies. By following these tips, however, you can significantly improve the quality of candidates you attract when posting jobs on LinkedIn. Consistency and active engagement are key to building a strong talent pipeline. Don’t forget to adapt and refine your approach as your company’s needs evolve.

Of course, if you’re short on time and resources or have multiple roles to fill it can be challenging. For this reason, Working Parents Connect provide a range of services to assist based on your budget and recruitment requirements including our ‘Share the Load’ package with all the heavy lifting of the initial stages done for you. Find out more about our advertising, employer branding and recruitment services via our website.