What does it really mean to be a family inclusive workplace?

Family Friendly Workplaces Special Event Invitation

The recent Federal Government budget has committed to supporting workplaces to meet the National Work + Family Standards and become certified as a Family Inclusive Workplace™.

You’re invited to attend an education session to learn what this means, and how your organisation can be certified.

Hosted by Emma Walsh, Founder of Family Friendly Workplaces and UNICEF Australia, the webinar will run for 45 minutes with the opportunity for participants to ask questions, discuss latest research and learn what it really means to be a family friendly workplace and create a business case for action.

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 27th of April ~ 10am – 10.45am

Thursday 19th of May ~ 1pm – 1.45pm

Register Here

Should you be unable to make these sessions but would like to know more, please contact the team at info@familyfriendlyworkplaces.com