How to become a Certified Family Inclusive Workplace: Employer Webinar

On June 1st this year, Family Friendly Workplaces released a new report highlighting the benefits of becoming a certified Family Inclusive Workplace. The Report drew on global research and insights from over 70 Australian businesses who participated in the inaugural year of the Family Friendly Workplaces initiative.

Of the findings it was revealed that prior to Family Inclusive Workplace Certification ‘80% of employers did not have a committed action plan to address employee needs to balance work and caring responsibilities.’

Family Friendly Workplaces is changing this.
“Family Friendly Workplaces strive to reduce the tension that exists between work and family by embedding and promoting policies and practices that genuinely support employees to thrive at work and at home.”

Being family friendly is not about ticking a box; it’s about acknowledging real people, real families, and bringing the values of care, decency, and respect into our workplaces through policies and practices that uphold these values.

The benefits of becoming a certified Family Inclusive Workplace™ for both your organisation and its people are endless. It enhances work life wellbeing and productivity, sees greater retention and attraction of talent, enhances gender equality AND it paves the way for others to do the same.

“The long-term economic and societal wins for investing in family friendly workplaces are compelling.”


To embed a family friendly workplace culture, employers need to review and evaluate their approach to: