Happy Global Day of Parents 2022

Just when you thought Mother’s Day or Father’s Day was your one day for acknowledgement, think again!

Global Day of Parents was first declared in 2012 by the U.N. General Assembly and has since been held annually on June 1 to honor parental units around the world. The day aims to stimulate awareness of the importance of parenthood and its role in providing protection and the tools needed for positive development in children. Parents are, after all, the first teachers and human interaction that a child is exposed to.

This years theme is ‘Family Awareness’ which focusses on ensuring we are all aware of the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of our family members. As parents ourselves here at Working Parents Connect, we know first-hand what families have endured at home in the last two years; many juggling online learning, caring for elderly parents and working from home, making it particularly important that we’re aware of the knock-on effects for each family member, and how to find support for each individual and for ourselves.

So while today isn’t necessarily a day for flowers and slippers, it’s a wonderful opportunity for us all to check in with each other and ourselves, and acknowledge what a wonderful job we do.